Domain name monitoring update

We are pleased to release today the latest Hitflow update for the year 2020!

Take advantage now of a major improvement in our domain name monitoring robots by analyzing NS, MX and TXT registrations. By looking at the declared entries, our robots know how to detect which records are added or deleted and send you an alert if necessary.

In addition, enjoy a new report page in the manager that summarizes the monitoring of each domain registered in your Hitflow account.

As shown in the image below, you will find in this new report page a summary of the data collected during the monitoring as well as a summary of the NS, MX and TXT records retrieved by our robots.

You will also find in the report page, the history of changes detected during the last 30 days. As a reminder, these changes can be for example: a change of registrar, the modification of the expiration date, the change of status of the domain name …

Finally, as for the availability monitoring of websites and servers, the report page contains a summary of all the alerts sent by the robots to your various contacts.

See you soon for the next update!