Monitoring alerts in Microsoft Teams

We have just completed the development of a new connector for sending alerts in the Microsoft Teams application.

This integration is available in all of our Hitflow offerings and can be set up in minutes by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account and add an application named “Incoming Webhook”.
  2. Choose in which channel the alert messages will be sent.
  3. Set the name and logo that will be displayed when an alert is sent in your Microsoft Teams channel.
  4. After validating the form, copy the generated URL.
  5. Go to your Hitflow manager in the “Settings > Integrations” section.
  6. Add a new integration of type “Microsoft Teams” and paste the URL generated previously.
  7. Add this integration to one of your contacts to finalize the settings.

If you need more details for the implementation of this integration, we have also written a complete documentation.