API documentation online

Depending on the monitoring offer you have subscribed to, you can use our APIs to integrate our solution into your tools.

To help you in the development of your own monitoring applications, we have put online today the documentation of our APIs.

This documentation is divided into eight broad categories:

  • Availability: concerns all tests of availability of websites or services connected to the Internet.
  • Servers: allows the management of server monitoring.
  • SSL Certificates – Configure SSL certificate renewal reminders.
  • Domain names – set up reminders before your domain names expire.
  • Contacts-Manage who should receive alerts.
  • Public status pages: Configure public status pages related to the account.
  • Maintenance: Schedule maintenance to disable Hitflow alerts for a period of time.
  • Integrations: list the links made between your Hitflow account and a third-party application.

You will also find in the documentation the different steps needed to generate an authentication token if you want to use these APIs.

Some elements of the documentation are still being written and will be quickly available in future updates.