Scheduling maintenance of your services

If you have scheduled an update to your website that will result in a service interruption, we invite you to schedule this maintenance in Hitflow.

Indeed, rather than receiving unnecessary alerts or disabling monitoring, at the risk of forgetting to turn it back on afterwards, maintenance scheduling in Hitflow will allow you to disable alerts punctually according to the criteria you will have defined beforehand.

To schedule one now, go to your Hitflow account:

  1. Login to your management interface
  2. Go to the navigation menu on the “Alerts > Maintenance” page.
  3. Click on the “Schedule a Maintenance” button to open the creation form.
  4. From the form, specify a name for the Maintenance.
  5. Enter the period of time during which all alerts should be disabled.
  6. You can define a recurrence if this Maintenance is repeated over time.
  7. If you do not want to disturb your availability statistics, check the box “Automatic deactivation”.
  8. Select the services and servers that should no longer be monitored during the maintenance.
  9. Finish by scheduling the maintenance using the “Save” button.

At the date and time indicated, our robots will ignore any access problems that your websites and servers may experience and once the time limit has passed, monitoring will resume normally.