Hitflow Multi-User Account Management

We are continuing the development of functionalities related to the use of Hitflow in the enterprise by offering you a new update allowing multi-user management.

For all eligible offers, you can now share access to your account with other Hitflow users.

By giving access to your account, other users will be able to :

  • Set up availability tests.
  • Set SSL certificate or domain name reminders.
  • Set server monitoring alerts.
  • Change the information of contacts receiving alerts.
  • Customize public status pages.
  • Manage Hitflow API authentication tokens.

The management of the accesses to your account is done from the manager in the “Settings > Users” section. In this page, you will be able to add, delete or deactivate access to a user.

Please note that although the main part is shared between all users of the account, the settings page is accessible only by the account holder (creator).

A management of permission groups allowing in particular the definition of certain roles will be deployed as part of a future update.