Monitoring the resources and performance of your servers

We are pleased to present, in today’s update, our easy to implement server monitoring solution!

By closely monitoring the use of the resources of your servers, our robots will alert you in case of anomalies and you will be able to intervene even before your users are blocked by an unavailable service.

How server monitoring works

As with website monitoring, our server monitoring solution is based on the principle of regular testing with the following steps:

  1. Your server sends our APIs a report on the status of its resources.
  2. This report is recorded and analyzed by our robots.
  3. If one of the alert thresholds is exceeded, an alert is immediately sent with detailed information.

In addition, in the event that your server no longer sends reports (Internet outage or server down), an alert is automatically sent when the timeout period has expired.

Setting up monitoring

There are two main steps in configuring the monitoring of a server :

  1. Access key generation to allow server authentication when reporting to our APIs.
  2. Installation of a scheduled task allowing the execution of a script to collect and send information.

To help you in the process, we have developed a Python script that you can download from your manager. This script can be run directly on your server or template service to allow you to develop your own data collection script.

For more technical information on the installation, we invite you to consult the documentation relating to the setting up of the monitoring.