Domain name renewal reminders

Forgetting to renew a domain name despite reminders from hosting providers is something that can happen.

Our mission being to accompany you to avoid any interruption of web services, we propose, in this update, a tool allowing the programming of renewal alerts.

In addition to reminders, you can take advantage of security alerts in the following cases:

  • The domain name is no longer protected against transfers.
  • The owner has been changed.
  • The domain name has been renewed.

For this tool to work, our robots retrieve domain name information (expiration date, owner…) from public data available in Whois directories.

The directory of your domain name may not provide the expiration date or other information useful for the proper functioning of the monitoring. Therefore, before using this service, we invite you to consult the list of compatible domain names.

To take advantage of the monitoring of your domain names, you can register them to have reminders like this :

  • Login to your Hitflow account.
  • Go to “Monitoring > Domain names”.
  • Click on the “Add a domain name” button to display the creation form.
  • Fill in a name displayed in the manager.
  • Define the domain name to be monitored (without subdomain).
  • Set up reminders according to the number of days you wish.
  • Activate the alert options to be notified of parameter changes.
  • Select the persons who should be alerted about the domain name.
  • Validate the creation by clicking the “Save” button.

After a few minutes, our robots will have retrieved the information about your domain name and the monitoring will have started.