Summary of updates as of May 2019

During the beginning of May, we made a number of service improvements, the main elements of which are detailed below.

Form for setting up availability tests

Following the numerous additions of functionalities, the page allowing the configuration of availability tests has been redesigned to facilitate the entry of useful information.

You may find that depending on the type of test (ICMP, TCP, HTTP), a certain amount of additional information may be requested.

Performance report pages

We have reorganized the report page to provide you with the main availability information from your website more quickly.

A quick access has been set up to allow you to perform the following two actions quickly:

  • Change the time interval between tests.
  • Enable or disable website monitoring.

Billing management

In anticipation of the marketing of our monitoring solution, we have completed the page in the manager allowing you to download the invoices associated with your account.

To download an invoice, go to your manager, in the “Billing” tab accessible from the “Settings” section in the navigation menu.