Account email addresses and detailed reports

This evening we carried out a manager’s update in order to prepare the further development of our monitoring service.

Validation of the email address of the account

The next time you log in, you will find a banner at the top of the page inviting you to validate your email address. This validation is done by clicking on a link sent by email to your address.

The reason for this new step is to ensure the security of our infrastructure. As you may know, we were planning to offer a free offer to test our monitoring solution.

Thus, we are obliged to set up this email address verification system to prevent misuse.

In the event that an email address is not validated, the account will be automatically deactivated after 48 hours and all information will be deleted 7 days after its deactivation.

Detailed reports of an availability test

You can now view more information on a test performed by the availability robots by going to the “reports” page.

In the “Logs” tab, you will see a clickable button at each test line allowing the display of a popup containing all the information useful to understand the result.