Report generation in PDF and XLS

All the information generated during the testing of your websites and servers can be exported into reports in PDF or XLS format.

The type of file has an influence on the information offered in the report.

PDF Reports

The reports in PDF format contain a summary of the information on the website tested and defined filters (time interval, country of the probes…) for data extraction.

The remainder of the report includes the following lists of data:

  • events generated by the tested website
  • response times by hourly (or daily) intervals
  • probe tests (limited to the last 60)
  • alerts sent to contacts (limited to the last 100)

XLS Reports

Unlike PDF, reports in XLS format do not have summaries. In principle, they are intended to be used for the integration of the data in your information system or for statistical processing.

These reports consist of four tabs with the following lists:

  • the events of a web site with an integer type “Status” code.
  • the response times by time or day slot
  • a list of all tests performed (without limits)
  • the list of alerts sent (without limits)

We will soon integrate the management of offers, which will have an impact, depending on the offer subscribed to, on the history of data that can be exported.