User Account Settings

New options for setting up your Hitflow account are available in your manager. To access them, from your manager, move your mouse over your email address (top right) then click on the “Settings” menu.

Profile Information

This settings page allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Fill in a first and last name that will be used when issuing an invoice.
  • Define the time zone used to display the date and time in your manager.
  • The language to be used for the manager interface.
  • Set up the notifications that we are likely to send you by email about our monitoring tools.
  • A form to allow you to delete your account and all associated information.

Please note that this information is private and only you can view it. Conversely, the information available in “Settings” > “Account” can be seen by all users who have access to the shared account.

Security parameters

In the “Security” tab, find a form allowing you to change the password used when connecting to your account.

You can also, from this page, start a process to change the email used when you log in to your user account. This process will ask you for confirmation by clicking on a link sent by email.