New types of instant alerts in Hitflow

We have just updated the management of contacts receiving alerts.

You can now go to “Alerts > Contacts” to edit a contact and add one of the new alert methods.

Telegram Notifications

If you use Telegram instant messaging, you can use our robot to receive alerts.

The process to associate your telegram account with one of the contacts in your Hitflow account in order to receive alerts is as follows:

  1. Add a “Telegram” type alert method to your contact then validate the settings.
  2. From the telegram application on your phone, open a conversation with our robot named @HitflowBot.
  3. Enter in the conversation the command /start followed by the numbers indicated in the Hitflow contact form.

A message will tell you that the partnership is successful and you will begin to receive your alerts on your phone through Telegram.

Notifications in Slack

You can integrate Slack alerts directly into your workspace by generating an “incomming webhook”.

The procedure for receiving this type of alert is as follows:

  1. Go to your Slack workspace in the “incoming webhook” section.
  2. Choose in which channel you wish to receive Hitflow alerts and validate.
  3. Copy the URL proposed by Slack and put it in your Hitflow contact after adding a “Slack” alert.

A message will appear to confirm the correct configuration. From that moment on, you will receive your alerts in the Slack Lounge that you have configured.

Notifications by Webhook

We offer our developer friends a solution allowing them to develop scripts triggered by our alerts.

To use this feature, please refer to our Hitflow webhooks documentation in which all the necessary details for the realization of your scripts are presented.

Setting up alerts

In addition, to facilitate the process of setting up alerts, we have also added, in the contact edit form, the possibility of associating the services for which the contact should be informed in case of failure.

We hope these news will help you!