Opening of the public beta

Hello there,

Today we are pleased to announce, after 6 months of intensive development, the opening of our website monitoring service in Beta!

Our monitoring service

Thanks to this brand new solution, you will be able to monitor websites, servers or any network equipment connected to the Internet.

You can help us improve our tools right now by testing the features below:

  • Monitor the availability of network equipment using the ICMP protocol.
  • Test a website using HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • Check the Internet access of a TCP port.
  • Receive email alerts in the event that an anomaly is detected.
  • View all the tests performed on your websites and servers from the report page.

We are only at the beginning of development and will be adding new features in the coming weeks. However, we invite you to use the email [email protected] if you want to let us know what new features you expect the most.

Thanks to your messages, we will be able to develop our roadmap according to your expectations and offer you a monitoring tool adapted to your needs.

How to test our monitoring solution

In order to enjoy all the Hitflow tools for free, you have to go to our manager’s registration form. Once your free account has been created, you can start adding your website in the “Availabilities” section.

During this test phase, you can let us know if you encounter difficulties in using the service or if you find a bug by sending emails to the dedicated email address during this beta: [email protected].

We also invite you to follow us on our Twitter account @HitflowFR to be alerted when our services are interrupted.

Thank you and see you soon!